People Development

Help your people grow their careers by playing to their strengths

Strengths are foundational for career growth

Help employees grow their careers by aligning their strengths with critical roles and responsibilities, resulting in a more engaged and productive workforce.

Role Clarity

Help your people start their career journeys with role clarity. Clearly define how they can be successful in their current roles and let them communicate what they're energized by.

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Strengths Discovery

Only one-third of people are aware of their top strengths (Linley, 2008). Employees who are aware of and apply their top strengths are 18x more likely to succeed (Hone et al., 2015). Use Strengths Discovery to enable your people to discover and communicate their strengths and values.

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Career Vision

Equip every team member to define their ideal role so they can find the right path within your organization. Plus, link out to your company’s career paths so they’re easily accessible and can be used to support productive career conversations.

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Why build a career growth initiative based on employee strengths?

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Employee ownership
Your employees will drive their own career growth by connecting the dots between their strengths and your company’s needs.
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Manager enablement
Give managers the tools and visibility they need to help their team members focus on enriching work that's aligned with their growth goals.
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Results and retention
Employees who find their work energizing and meaningful have the biggest impact on productivity and stay with the company longer.

Positive Product Design™

Built using the Positive Product Design method, 15Five’s Career Hub is the first platform designed using the science of thriving to help fulfill human potential.