HR Hacks for Business Growth

Join us for a half-day of HR Hacks for Business Growth. Learn and discuss the low investment, high-impact projects expert HR practitioners are working on right now to move the needle on retention, engagement, “return-to-work” policies, performance and more.

September 8th
Summit Details:
  • September 8, 2022
  • 1 p.m. EST –  4 p.m. EST
  • Fully online and interactive

Learn from top HR leaders and visionaries


Stuck in the Middle: How Strategic HR Leaders Can Navigate Salary Inflation and Return to Work Mandates

Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst, Future of Work at Forrester

Betsy Summers is a principal analyst on the Future of Work team, specializing in human capital management (HCM). With a wide range of HCM experience including research, strategy, design, and delivery, Betsy has been both a practitioner and a strategic partner to heads of HR, talent, and learning.

Betsy Summers

All Speakers

Ebony Haywood
Ebony Haywood
Vice President of People and Culture at LearnPlatform
Gabby Popowitz
Gabby Popowitz
Sr. Director of Talent and Culture at Boardable
Jennie Yang
Jennie Yang
Vice President, People and Culture at 15Five
John Grover
John Grover
Chief People Officer at Endsight
Kathleen Ragelis
Kathleen Ragelis
Head of People at Komodo Health
Nicole Bickett
Senior Vice President of People at Health Gorilla
Polly Stocks
Polly Stocks
Strategic People Partner at 15Five
Rebecca Edwards
Rebecca Edwards, SPHR, SCP
CEO and Principal Consultant at Infinite HR of Charlotte
Susanna Vogel
Susanna Vogel
Reporter at HR Brew
Vince Huang
Vincent Huang
Chief Product Officer at 15Five



1 p.m. EST

Mindfulness Exercise

Hosted by 15Five's Adam Weber


1:15 p.m. EST

Stuck in the Middle: How Strategic HR Leaders Can Navigate Salary Inflation and Return to Work Mandates.

Featured Speaker
Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst, Future of Work at Forrester

How can HR leaders meet the seemingly conflicting needs of employees, prospective talent and business leaders all at once, especially with an economic downturn looming? By helping their organizations avoid getting caught up in the moment and over-correcting.

In this session, we’ll cover how you can make the case for proven, sustainable strategies to attract and retain talent now and in the future. You'll learn how to:

  • Ensure employees and managers have the tools they need to do their job and to recognize and reward outstanding work
  • Restore and build trust between employees and their managers and create a culture of belonging
  • Devise an HR strategy that delivers for all of the organization’s key stakeholders, grounded in empathy and listening

Panel Discussion

2 p.m. EST

The New Rules for Retention: What Matters Now for Keeping High Performers

In today’s labor market, it is more important than ever to identify your top performers, keep them engaged, and retain them. After this panel discussion, you’ll come away with both tried-and-true and new tactics for improving engagement, and insights into how to bake these revamped retention strategies into a holistic people and performance management strategy.

Take Action

2:45 p.m. EST

Engagement, Elevated: New Ways to Identify and Engage High Performers

Vince Huang, Chief Product Officer at 15Five
Jennie Yang, VP of People and Culture at 15Five

Panel Discussion

3:15 p.m. EST

Helpful Hacks: Low Investment, High-Impact Projects That Drive Results

During times of turbulence or downturn, many organizations are trying to do more with less. But not all strategies are made equal. In this panel, we’ll discuss how to view your HR strategy as a portfolio of smart bets that support business growth, how to get buy-in from leadership and employees on the most impactful initiatives, and how to bring those initiatives to life.


3:50 p.m.

Recap and Next Steps

Hosted by 15Five's Adam Weber


Is there a cost to attend this event?

No! This event is free for all HR leaders and practitioners.

Will this event be recorded?

Yes. We’ll share a recording of most sessions with everyone who registers. But the keynote is exclusive to the live event, so be sure to be there!